It’s the Little Things.

It’s the little things that add up to big things. October 1, 1999

It’s amazing how much time is spent on the little items that make up this car. I spent the first few weeks removing big pieces, and fixing major parts of the car, but now it feels like work has slowed to a trickle. It’s more of a perception rather than reality, but it always feels like I’m getting more work done when something like the gas tank comes out, rather than when I’m cleaning the paint off one of the coils.

I’m continuing the stripping of the coils this week, and I’ve decided to chemically strip the coils to take the bulk of the paint off. The previous owner or painter must have used the paint he was using for the car to paint the coils because it wasn’t adhering very well. The paint for the body of the car is a two-part colorcoat/clearcoat finish, but the painter sprayed just the color coat on the coils which doesn’t stand up very well by itself. It was clearly a “hey, why don’t we use up the extra paint” move!

After the “Zip-Strip” did it’s job, I “wire wheeled” the rust off the coils. (Note to self: pick up red paint)

I’m proud to announce a new addition to my workspace; A new workbench! I’m very excited because of all the workbenches I’ve used, made, and destroyed, this is the strongest yet! I can’t wait to fill it with clutter!

I tried working on the wiring some more. Most of the front loom has been cleaned, so I hung them in the clips in the engine compartment. The headlight plugs need to be soldered in so I began putting the pieces of the headlight buckets together. Before I could begin figuring out which wire to solder, I hit my first problem. 

I don’t know how, but almost every bolt used to hold the headlight buckets was sheared off in its nut! They’re either going to have to be drilled out, or cut out. We’ll see.

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