The Tail Lights are In

11/27/99 The taillights are in!

After Thanksgiving, and family staying over at my house, I was able to rush everybody out by Saturday morning to run up to the shop. The first thing I did was install the taillight assemblies. The gaskets were a little wider on the bottom, and François suggested I cut and glue the gaskets to the assemblies for a better fit, but since I will probably one day re-chrome these tail lights, I’ll glue them in then. Besides, the only people that will notice how these gaskets fit is me, and you, because I pointed it out!

I continued working on the under dash wiring. With the help of a wiring diagram, and a guide to what each knob does on the center console, I was able to hook up and label some more switches. I used a small “Radio Shack” tester with it’s audible continuity tester to identify the circuits I was working on. I managed to identify all but two switches, both being blower switches. I’ll need some more time to study the wiring diagram to see why I can’t identify these wires.

The knobs for all these switches need attention as well, and since I’m working on the switches, I might as well polish the knobs. The new plastic polishing wheel is great for this kind of work, and you can really see the difference in the picture from the “F” knob to the others. All I need to do now, is get some white paint to touch up the lettering, and it’ll be good as new!

Since I was polishing knobs, I began working on the vent window knobs. Since they’re a little bigger than the switch knobs, they seem to get scratched up pretty well, so I needed to take the scratches out before I began polishing. Plastic is just like polishing any other material, and in order to get a mirror like finish, the surface needs to smooth as possible. This involves sanding the surface with finer and finer grades of sandpaper until you get to 1200 grit. I tried stopping at 600 grit, but after polishing, I could still see the sand marks, so keep going until 1200.


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