More Wiring

12/8/99 Ahhhhg, More Wiring!

Another day was almost completely consummed by the Ferrari’s electrics! Admittidly, I often take breaks when I’m working on the electrics, but I can only handle wiring in small doses. It also takes some time for me to have my revelations on how to hook up certain gauges, and switches. In fact, I had one the other morning, studying the wiring diagram, and sipping my morning coffee! The only problem was, I was in NYC, and had to wait a few days to try out my theory. I can explain my theories on how I decifer electrics with this link, but I won’t bore the rest of you!

After I got both fog lights installed, I realized I forgot to put the trim rings on! Unfortunately, I had to completely remove the lights and wiring to get the chrome rings on the body of the car. Let’s chalk that up to stupid move # 11, or was that 12? I think I lost count.

The knobs are all polished, so it’s time to stop drinking the coffee, steady my hands, and try painting the letters with fresh white paint. The lettering is not too bad, but some knobs look more yellow than others, so painting them all will make them match. I haven’t picked up a 00 brush since the days we had to physically retouch photographs by hand. That was back when I was in photography school, before the invention of Photoshop, but today, my hands are not quite as steady, but at least I still see something that small!

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