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1/18/00 Shocking News

When I removed the shocks from the 330, I found two of them completely without action. François said he would check to see if he had any in his spares pile and found only one rear shock. When he recently had to purchase shocks for a customer, he discovered new ones to be quite expensive, and told me that I might consider having my shocks rebuilt by Koni. I knew Koni rebuilt their shocks, and when a shock is discontinued, this is the only way to go. Sometimes, however, rebuilding costs can come very close to buying an available shock.

I called Koni in Kentucky and reached the rebuilding department, and asked them about doing my shocks. Looking up the part number, he told me that 82 series shocks should cost $95 dollars per shock, and an additional $15 bucks to replace the rod if it needs replacing. The technician advised me rebuilding all four shocks because matching newly rebuilt shocks to old ones would be impossible without having a machine to measure the rebound of each shock. The service would include replacing all the internal seals, filling new fluid, beadblasting the shock bodies, painting the shocks, and applying new stickers. I asked him if he could give me a number for a retailer to check the availability of new shocks so I could compair costs. He gave me the name “T. Rutlands” in Tucker, GA. When I called the retailer, they informed me that they had a set of rebuilt rear shock for $225 each, and new front shocks for $172 each. At these prices, the rebuilt shocks done at Koni seemed to be the way to go, provided there are no complications. Now, if I only made this call before I painted my one good front shock!

Koni North America
1961 A International Way
Hebron, KY 41048
(800) 994-KONI Ext. 8001
(606) 586-4100

T Rutlands (Ferrari parts)
Tucker, GA
(770) 493-8852

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