Delivering Seats

1/26/00 Delivering Seats

Today I delivered the seats and interior pieces to East Coast Auto Trim. The 330 America’s interior is made up of quite a few pieces, and Frank wanted them all delivered to his shop so he could use them as templates for the new leather. François has offered the use of his pickup truck to get all the pieces to the upholsterer, but I felt the trip from Danbury, CT to New Rochelle, NY was long enough, let alone the additional trip to return a pickup truck. I’ve hauled quite a few things with my Toyota Camry, and felt that I could definitely fit all the pieces into my car. After a few minutes of loading, I had all the parts in the car and ready to go, and I could even see out of the back window!

Frank, of East Coast Auto Trim, has been having trouble locating the exact color we want for my interior. The original color was a light tan color, and it seems to be a difficult color to find, just short of buying Connolly hides. Frank feels with a little more time and luck, we’ll find the right leather, color, and price. Patience will bring it’s rewards.