Parts from Partsource

2/4/00 Parts from Partsource

The main fuel filter that I got form Partsource is a little different from the one I took out of the canister, but the fit of the new filter was perfect. I guess the manufacture of aluminum clad filters became too expensive to make thirty years later, but from the looks of the new filter (the left one) there is probably a lot less restriction! The fuel filter that goes into the glass sight bowl in the engine compartment, however, is identical.

I also got my rear hub seals with this delivery, and they will go in as soon as I finish painting all the pieces. I know that some of these pieces are supposed to be un painted, but since my car will be be a driver, I want to protect some of these parts with a light coat of paint. I apologize to the purists, but I do not plan on keeping my car inside and un-driven, where these parts won’t rust too badly. Besides, I’m sure Enzo Ferrari never sweat these details because he was too busy driving his cars.

The rest of the day included cleaning and painting the accelerator cable and it’s associated parts, and installing the windshield washer nozzles. Each of these jobs took a lot longer than I thought, and really had a way of eating up a day of work. Luckily I’m not paying for my hours of work, because it’s easy to understand how expensive car restoration can get just in the shear number of hours it take to do anything!

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