Brake Details

4/7/00 Brake Details

More boring undercoating jobs at hand today, so I’ll spare you the details, but I’m also making progress on the brakes. The brake booster came back from the rebuilders. It’s all ready to be installed, but I’m not sure if I should put it in. I’ll have to check if it will interfere with the engine installation. It won’t make any sense to install the booster if it only gets in the way, or worse, gets damaged when the engine goes in!

After painting the pedal arms of the clutch/brake assembly, I noticed the brake adjustment screw was damaged. It had somehow gotten bent, and seized in the pedal assembly’s housing. Now was the time to address this issue, when the housing is out of the car and on my workbench. Although I may not need to adjust the pedal heights, it’s still a nice thing to know that if I will, I can! Unfortunately I broke a screwdriver trying to free the adjustment screw. (Sears still replaces tools for free, right?) After some patient tapping, and lots of penetrating oil, it began to turn, but soon the force of a screwdriver was not enough to turn the stubborn threaded rod.

François came to the rescue (again) with a vice grip small enough to reach inside the pedal cluster and turn the rod.

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