Rear Hub Assembly

4/14/00 Rear Hub Assembly

I’m finally at a point where I can start putting together the rear wheel assembly. The axle is painted, and the undercoating is done, so I gathered all the pieces for the brakes and hubs and began work. Although the piston assemblies are still being rebuilt, the calipers can still be installed leaving the pistons for last.

I started putting the pieces back together trying to follow my memory, and pictures, but soon realized that there are specific steps in the re-assembly that I needed to follow. It took me a couple of tries to get it right, but it all eventually went together. Simple things kept slowing my progress down, like forgetting to line up the hub hole with the cotter pin hole on the axle shaft. Things like this would go unnoticed until the caliper was mounted so everything would have to come off again to fix my blunder, but I can guarantee I won’t do that on my next Ferrari rear end!

François also shared some secrets on how to keep my rear hubs from leaking. After years of chasing oil leaks from the rear hub assemblies, François has found a way to stop them. Sharing these tips with me will hopefully keep my rear brakes and wheels nice and oil free!

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