Windshield Wiper Motor

5/13/00 Windshield Wiper Motor

I left the shop the other day wondering what I was going to do with my windshield wiper motor. I was basically facing two problems with the motor, one, the motor was rusty, and two, the gears were stripped in the gearbox. Each of these problems could be fixed with a rebuild, provided I could find the right replacement parts, but I felt I had enough projects to rebuild (i.e. radio, and grille). Partsource in Maine needed a part number from my original wiper motor to see if he had one in stock, and T. Rutlands in Atlanta had to check his inventory to see if he had anything new or used in stock. Wanting to check all my resources, I decided to call another vendor. Since it was an English made part, I decided to call a friend of mine who deals in Sunbeam parts. Curt of Classic Sunbeam in NY has been a wealth of information for my Sunbeam Alpine, and is truly a fellow enthusiast. I asked him what he could tell me about Lucas windshield wiper motors. He told me that most Lucas wiper motors are similar, and that they change from motor to gearbox combinations to fit their particular applications. Since he has a Lucas supplier, and if I provide him with part number to the gearbox and the motor, he should be able to get any Lucas wiper assembly! The next time I get up the the shop, I’ll have to make note of these numbers, and find out who has the cheapest price for a new motor, and wiper assembly. I’ll let you know.