Coating the Exhaust Headers

6/2/00 Coating the Exhaust Headers

My car actually came with two sets of exhaust headers. The previous owner found the right front header a few months ago, and was kind enough to ship it to me. This picture was taken before the missing header was received in the mail.

I picked the best ones out of the bunch and am going to send them out to be ceramic coated. The company that is best known for this process is “Jet-Hot” and is very popular among hot-rodders. Their coating is supposed to be very durable, and is very resistant to chipping, and flaking. The coating is applied to the outside, as well as the inside of the headers, and should make my headers last quite a long time. The coating is also supposed to help insulate from heat, so it will keep the headers from radiating heat into the engine compartment. If this is true, then it will help keep the Ferrari motor cool when driving slowly around town. They have a choice of colors from silver to black with a bunch of other colors in between, but I think I’ll stick to the stock black color. It’s not a cheap process, but I think it’s cheap insurance from having a new set fabricated because the old ones rusted away.

I E-mailed Jet hot for some more information on pricing, because their prices only reflected V-8 headers, and mine were made up of four sets with three pipes each. I also wanted to know how the surface would look if it were applied to a slightly pitted surface. Here was their response:


Any areas that are currently pitted will still look that way when we’re done.
They’ll just be shiny pits.  Price wise is will run $345 for the set, that
is for our Sterling finish inside and out.  Add $25 for return shipping.  You
would send to out MS address as PA is merely a headquarters.  However, please
call before you ship so we can assign you a Customer Number.



Their Sterling finish has a satin silvery finish, but I’m going to go with black which costs another $20 bucks because it’s another layer of coating. It will basically cost $400 for this ceramic coating. I may have to leave the exhaust heat shields off in the engine compartment just to show off my headers! (just kidding!)

I called them the and got a customer number, so they could process my order when they received my headers. The turn around is about 4 days from when they receive my pipes. I’ll post pictures when they come back!