Living with the Shock

6/20/00 Living with the Shock

A couple of weeks ago Francois and I found a problem with one of the shocks I had rebuilt by Koni. There was a pinhole leak in one of the shock bodies where hydraulic fluid was leaking. I called Koni and got in touch with the rebuild department to see what they could do. Paul, who originally rebuilt my shocks at Koni, said there would be no problem taking the shocks back, and it would simply be a matter of brazing the hole shut after the disassembling the shock.

I dropped the shock in the mail, and waited to hear from Koni. Expecting a call about shipping the finished shock back to me, Paul called me a couple days later stating otherwise! The bad news was the shock body was not repairable because the rust hole was worse than originally thought and he wasn’t able to get the weld to stick to the rusty metal. The good news was that Paul could fabricate a new shock using new shock tubes and parts at their shop. The date stamping would no longer be right on this particular shock, but I figured it was far cheaper to go this route than to locate a replacement shock with the right date code, and have it rebuilt to match the other shocks. He managed to complete the fabrication in one day, and get it in the mail to me. I can’t wait to see the work he did. Thanks Paul!

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