Choke Cable

6/29/00 Choke Cable

I pulled the choke cable out of my car last week looking for a replacement. The sheathing is intact, but the single wire cable inside the sheathing was cut short, so a new one will need to be made. Since it looks just like piano wire, so I decided to ask my friend who owns a piano business. Pete Bondy (Bondy Piano) has been following my restoration, but was surprised to actually have something he could help me with on my Ferrari. Auto restoration and Pianos don’t exactly go hand in hand!

He looked at my cable, and told me he had spools of the stuff at his shop, and could get me as much as I needed. My choke cable is pretty thick compared to piano wire, but Pete thinks #20 piano wire should work fine for what I will use it for. He’ll bring some to work next week (he tunes Paul Shaffer’s Piano), so I’ll let you know how if fits.

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