Badge Work

7/10/00 Badge Work

My fears were confirmed that the molds made from the Californian 330 America will not be directly usable in making new badges. Mike, from Seaport Mold, told me over the weekend that due to the shrinkage, an accurate cast is not possible, but the photgraphs should help in creating a good copy. He told me of a process where a rubber stamp could be made from “camera ready” artwork, and a cast can be made from the rubber stamp.

I decided to try and create the artwork necessary in making this stamp, or any other method that would need a good graphical picture of the 330 America badge. I decided to use Photoshop since it is the program I’m most familiar with. I first sized the photograph of the badge Henry took off his car to life size by lining up the ruler in the picture with the rulers in Photoshop, then I began creating a clipping path of the badge. After getting a good clipping path of the the lettering, I selected the path and filled the selection with black. After many tweeks to the lettering, I finally came up with a pretty good stencil. If only creating 3-D objects were as easy to make!

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