Choke Cables and Rearview Mirrors

7/12/00 Choke cables, and rearview mirrors

The piano wire my friend got me worked perfectly, and I have plenty to fix other cables in the car like the fresh air ducts. In case you need some of this cable, you can get it from any piano shop that carries #20 piano wire.

I had to bend the tip of the new choke cable so it would fit on the end of the choke knob. Making precise bends was a little more difficult than I originally anticipated (why am I not surprised?), but I managed to figure out a way. The bends were smaller than my needle nose pliers, so I decided to drill a hole, the diameter of the wire, in a large washer. The thickness of this washer is strong enough to withstand the hammering to bend the wire, but thin enough to allow for the small bends. After I was satisfied with the cable, I put the drilled washer in my toolbox for the next time I would need to make this type of bend…maybe for my next Ferrari!

I continued to put together the rear view mirror now that the wrinkle paint is dried. The outer frame needs to be chrome plated, but rest of the pieces need to be cleaned and refurbished. The mirrored glass will need to be replaced or re-silvered. Having a new one made will be far easier and cheaper to do, but I don’t know if the day/night feature will be easy to retain.

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