The Radio is Done!

The Radio is Done!

I went to work today, and waiting for me at the mailroom was my Blaupunkt Radio fresh from repair. I’ve been in contact with Willy Wilkes of the Vintage Radio Shop (see the suppliers page), and was looking forward to seeing his restoration results on my radio. I opened the box to the smell of fresh paint. He painted the case in Hammertone paint much like the original finish, replaced the missing knobs for the tuner and volume controls, and even found replacement brackets for the vibrator portion of the radio. All this work was done for less than $300 bucks which I felt was well worth the price, considering the trouble I would have had trying to figure out what was actually wrong with my radio. It would have been very rewarding to have fixed my radio myself, but let’s face it, I’ve got enough projects!

The small details were other reasons for sending my radio to Willy. He put strain reliefs on all the external cables, and even sealed and epoxied a connector that had disintegrated to bare wires. Even if I had repaired my radio, I would have never had the knowledge or materials to fix this connector. Again, well worth the price for quality work!

So here it is, another reason for some movies!

Click this radio to hear the AM radio.

Click this radio to hear the FM radio.

I couldn’t get great reception in the basement of the Ed Sullivan Theater, but managed to find a couple of stations. The signals will only get better when the radio is installed in my car with a real antenna, but that great “warm” tube sound that many old radio enthusiasts crave was evident in this old Blaupunkt!

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