7/20/00 Speakers

Now that I have the radio back for my Ferrari, it’s time to work on getting a speaker for the car. I E-mailed Willy Wilkes for the specs on my radio, and he replyed that the old Blaupunkt is rated at 5-8 ohm impedance, and an output at about 7 watts. I found a speaker at Radioshack that fit these specs. and bought it down the street from my work. Normally, I would have looked elsewhere for better speakers, but this old tube radio is not about high fidelity!

One thing I did want to improve over the old design, however, was the speaker enclosure, or lack of one. The back package shelf where the speaker lives is open to the elements, so the old speaker was exposed to road spray and dirt kicked up by the the tires. Paper cones don’t last too long in this kind of environment, so I wanted to make some kind of speaker cabinet to seal this out. Having this enclosure will also help the feeble 7 watts of power push the sound into the car as apposed to the outside world.

Before I began making the speaker enclosure I decide to look at work for the wiring I would need to make a nice neat installation. I found a 1/4 inch panel mount recepticle that would be perfect for my project, and soldered the correct spade connectors, and plugs I would need to make the install. Although it may be overkill for this speaker, I figured if I had the connectors, I might as well make it nice!

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