Mirror, Mirror…

7/24/00 Mirror, mirror…

I took the old corroded rearview mirror home with me to find a replacement. I once replaced a mirror in my Sunbeam Alpine, and know the problems with cutting a new mirror. These mirrors are usually thinner than the ones glass shops keep in stock, so a little care must be taken in getting the right shop. I found a shop in NYC that only cut mirrors. They were familiar with my problem in finding a thin mirror. The glass cutter said that his “imported” mirrors were thinner, and when looking at his domestic stuff, I could see the difference. The thickness wasn’t as crucial for my Alpine, but with my Ferrari, it needed to fit inside a frame and sandwich inside the day/night mechanism. Having thicker glass may not allow the mirror to move inside the frame, so I went with the thinner glass. It took two tries to get the mirror cut correctly. After cutting the mirror to the right size, he also had to sand and shape the edge of the mirror to match the original. I wanted to match the original shape as closely as possible so there would be no reason for the new mirror not to work. I finally got what I needed without seeming too anal!

The cost of this mirror was a little expensive at $20 bucks, but if it works, and is exactly what I wanted, I guess I should be happy. I think the mirror for my Alpine, although was the thicker glass, cost me about 10 dollars, but that was also from a little shop in New Jersey a few years ago. Besides, I know it certainly wasn’t the fact that it was for a Ferrari because I told the guy the mirror was for an old Fiat!

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