Planning Out The Work

8/12/00 Planning out the work

I’ve got next week off, so I’m going to try and put a couple of extra days in on the car. The problem is, I don’t have any huge project to sink my teeth into. The major work that’s yet to be done requires either Francois, or another shop to do the work. As you can see from my last post, many other projects are on hold until I get parts back from these shops.

One job I am going to get started on this week is rust-proofing the inside of the doors. I ordered some more Por-15, but this time I got the stuff packaged in small containers. It comes in a six-pack and should be easier to handle. When I was painting the underbody of the car with this great stuff, I bought a quart container of the semi gloss black. The problem was I could never seem to seal the paint can well enough to keep it from drying out. They tell you to use a piece of plastic wrap to keep the lid from permanently sealing to the can, but I would always find the paint inside drying to a hard shell after resuming work a week later. A quart of Por-15 would cover a lot of metal, but I found I wasted more drying out in the can. The smaller packages come in their screw top containers, so I’ll only loose a small can’s worth if I have sealing problems. Although it cost me more in packaging, I think I’ll save more paint in the long run.

The inside of the doors seem pretty solid, and proof of this is the existence of the all the drain holes inside each door. The bottom shell of the doors also seems solid, so I feel if I apply por-15 to all this, it will last quite a long time.

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