Doors and Oil Lines

8/14/00 Doors and Oil lines

I received the Por-15 in the mail and began work on the inside of the doors. I scraped, and scrubbed the surface rust off and removed some of the loose undercoating, and caulking. The evidence of a solid door was the presence of good drain holes which is a pretty good place for rust to take hold. These holes get clogged, and water builds up inside the door until the whole bottom of the door rusts out. The fact that I didn’t find any leaves down there also proved that this car didn’t spend much time parked outside because this is what usually clogs the drainage holes! After all the surface prep, I put down an even coat of Por-15 to protect the doors for the future.

The oil lines were next. I carefully unscrewed the fittings out of the old oil lines, and cut the new lines to size. I followed the old adage, “measure twice, cut once” as to not waste any oil line material. When you’re buying this stuff by the inch, it’s best to be careful!

Looking for more stuff to do, I decided to pull the scuff plates down from my shelves and have a look. These are the aluminum plates that screw to the door sills, and they are rightfully named. Mine are pretty chewed up. It looks like they were originally anodized, but the scratches have cut through the anodizing to the softer bare aluminum below. I may have to sand off all the original anodizing to get these plates to look good again, but I think I’m going to have to do some more research.

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