Transmission Details

9/20/00 Transmission Details

I managed to get up to the shop today to get some more work done. I decided to continue working on the transmission, and it’s associated parts. Not to bore you with pictures of my degreasing the transmission, just trust me that it was grimey, with lots of scrubbing and rinsing.

I took the selonoid that operates the overdrive off the transmission to test it. It’s basically an electromagnet, and once power is supplied to it, it pulls on a rod that shifts the corrosponding gear into overdrive. It worked fine by snatching a bolt right out of my hand when I supplied voltage to it’s wiring harness. While the seloniod was out, I made a new gasket, and made sure everything fit nice and snug.

I removed the clutch lever for painting since it will also be in the way when I paint the rest of the transmission silver. Speaking of paint, I’ve been having a heck of a time trying to find the right paint. Francois uses “Krylon; Dull Silver,” and painted my engine block with that color. It has a nice finish, so I would like to get the same look for the tranny. The problem has been finding it! Years ago, it seemed everyone carried Krylon, but I’m now having trouble. Home Depot doesn’t carry it, and the few auto parts stores I’ve gone to doesn’t either. Francois has a local hardware store that stocks it, so I guess I’ll swing by there on my way up to the shop on Friday. Why not use an Eastwood paint you ask? As much as I’ve gotten accustomed to mail order, there’s something nice about being able to run down to a store and buy stuff. Besides, it gives me a chance to walk up and down the isles and browse!

It’s amazing how many separate pieces need painting. Almost every subassemble ineviably needs some part that needs to be stripped, primed, and painted. These shown here go with today’s theme of transmission parts. They are the mounting brackets. Unfortunately,one of the rubber blocks that make up the transmission mount has saparated from its steel backing plate. The rubber is not dry rotted, so it’s fine for use, if I can just figure out what kind of glue would work to attach rubber to metal. Looks like it’s time to do some research ont he web!

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