Line Clips

9/23/00 Line Clips

As we’re getting close to installing the engine, all the things that need to done in the engine compartment should be done before the engine gets in the way! One of those things is routing all the fuel lines and brake lines. I will probably be ordering some brake line from “Classic Tube” this week. The reason why I’m not buying it at the local auto parts store is because they usually don’t carry lengths longer than five feet, and one brake line run in my car runs almost eight! I could use a union fitting, but if the factory didn’t do this, why should I do so now?

A few weeks ago I showed a clip that I was going to use as a sample to make more, but François showed me another simpler way to make these clips.

I borrowed a set of his tin snips, and cut some aluminum sheet into the width I needed. Then, using a piece of brake tubing, I bent the aluminum into the shape of a new clip. I can now snip the end into the correct shape, and file it to size. I quickly made an assortment of sizes to start, and I’m sure I will be making many more as we install all the various lines.