10/7/00 T-shirts!

O.K., I had some T-shirts made up! With the “330 America” badge I’ve been trying to reproduce, I thought it would be kind of cool to make up some T-shirts with that logo. I had a couple printed up, and they look pretty good. I’m not sure if anyone out there would want one, so let me know. If a get a positive response, I’ll get more made. They’ll cost $12.00 shipping included. E-mail me with sizes and quantities, and I’ll make a list.

So far I’ve them made in light gray with dark blue lettering (shown in the picture), and white with black letters. The white shirts are 100% cotton “Fruit of the Loom,” and the gray is another brand with 99% cotton. I didn’t go with “Fruit of the Loom” gray because I didn’t like the look of their gray. I’m going to add colors if people want, but I’ll leave that up to who responds. If no one cares, I’ll have a great set of work shirts!

E-mail me to request a Shirt

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