Chrome Plating Invoice

10/10/00 Chrome Plating Invoice

I got the invoice for the chrome pieces I sent out a few months ago. They’re almost done, so I should be getting them back in a few weeks. This shop comes highly recommended by François, and he almost exclusively uses them for all of his restorations. Customers in the past have opted to find their own plating shops to save some money, but have only been disappointed a few years down the line when the bumpers start to show pitting from rust. François agrees that they may cost a little more than other shops, but a premium should be paid for good work, and will usually save you money in the end. I’ve decided to withhold the information on this shop, however until after I receive and inspect my chrome, so I can do a full report on its quality. Here’s a copy of the invoice so you can get an idea of how much replating can cost!

That’s right, $2220.00, and that’s not including bumpers, and a bunch of other things I decided not to plate because they were good enough, or can wait until the future after the major restoration bills are paid.

My Nephew tried his hand at creating a Ferrari bulletin board for people who’d like to have a place to ask questions or just chat about Ferraris publicly. I have held many conversations privately with past, present, and future Ferrari owners, and feel that sometimes these conversations should be held publicly to help others in similar situations. If there’s anything you’d like to post on the message board click here, you can find it on the lower left frame of my Ferrari home page. Although there are a lot of fields to fill out, they are not required. A name will be all you’ll need to put in to post a message. I will check this area regularly, so let’s see what happens. For those shy lurkers, I’ll still reply via e-mail, but you might want to give this a try.