The Elusive Blower Motor

10/11/00 The Elusive Blower Motor

A fellow Ferrari restorer sent me some pictures of his blower motor from his 250 GTE (thanks Dave) so I would know what it looks like. It’s one of the main pieces I’m missing from my car, and since the engine will be going in soon, now is the best time to install this assembly. One supplier in NY State quoted me a price of $500 bucks a year ago, but I didn’t buy it for a couple of reasons. First, $500 seemed a little high, and second, he wasn’t 100% sure if it would fit my car. I decided to work on restoring my car, and not worry about the missing heater motor last year, but now I need to start looking in earnest.

I would love to find one for free, but I know that would be impossible, especially when it comes to Ferrari parts, so I’ve put my price range for this part at $0.00-$500. If you happen to be reading this post and find something resembling these pictures, feel free to contact me! I’ll make you a great deal, and even throw in a T-shirt!

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