Swaybar Bushings

10/19/00 Sway bar Bushings

I found a supplier in California that sells “Energy Suspension” Polyurethane bushings called Suspension Restoration Parts. They had a nice web site that showed a lot of bushings that looked like they would fit my application. I put an order in and got the sway bar bushings in the mail this week. It looks like the sway bar bushings will work as a direct replacement, but you can see how much the rubber bushing has stretched out. They are both supposed to fit a 5/8th inch bar.

I think I ordered the wrong end link parts, but at $4.00 a set, it’s not worth returning them. There’s enough material for me to cut these down to the right size and shape on François’ lathe, so you can imagine where I’m going first thing tomorrow morning!

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