Something to Inspire

12/15/00 Something to Inspire

I spent the most of my morning working on my Toyota. Every so often, I have to pay some attention to the workhorse that gets me to my Ferrari every week. It was time for the annual state inspection, and they found a leaky rear brake cylinder. Having all the tools, and experience to replace this item, it almost seems like a waste to pay someone else to do the work. I’m not backed up with Ferrari work at the moment, so I fixed the Camry.

After I got my updated inspection sticker, I stopped by François’ to pick up my transmission shift lever. François had ordered a new teflon bushing, and pressed it into place. This update makes the shift mechanism much more precise by taking the slop out of the linkage. Don’t ask me how it’s done because François keeps some secrets to himself! He simply handed me the shifter and said “Eeets Done.”

Heading back to my shop, I also had with me a new transmission seal. With these parts installed, I will have a completed transmission. The shifter just needs a little paint to match the rest of the transmission.

A few months ago I was at François’ shop when he was working on a silver 275GTB/4. The engine is back together, and he was test driving the car when I was driving up to his house. François came up from behind, and passed me in third gear with wide open throttle. He must have been doing at least 80 mph! The sound of that engine was fantastic! Although my engine is a single overhead cam, and won’t rev nearly as freely as this engine, they share bloodlines, so I can only get more inspired to put my car together.

François was sorting out the dry sump system when I took this movie.(click on the image) Does it make you all giddy like me?

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