Happy Holidays!

12/22/00 Happy holidays!

Today’s my birthday, so I decided to take the day off from the garage. Not that I wouldn’t want to spend it with my Ferrari, but family, friends and especially my girlfriend, would really think I’m too obsessed with that car!

I want to wish everybody a Happy Holiday, and a great New Year! It’s been a pretty productive year working on my car, and I can actually see an end to this restoration! Hopefully, if my wallet holds out long enough, I’ll complete this project this coming year. Thanks for checking out my web site, and letting me share this odyssey of Ferrari restoration with you. I’ve made some great friends, and hope to make plenty more, so stayed tuned to another great year!

This picture marks the genesis of all the Ferrari madness. I’m going to add the story to my “ferrari stories” section with hope you’ll share yours with us!


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