More Doors

2/2/01 More Doors

Yesterday’s journal entry was a note on frustration. I was at wit’s end in trying to get a simple thing like the window felts installed. Today, I’m taking a positive outlook on the incoming order, and hoping for the best. The pieces that did come will be installed on the inner door panels that can be easily changed in the future, and hopefully the right felts with the stainless steel strip will arrive to be installed on the chrome strip.

Speaking with François, we decided the doors should be removed to aid in the installation of a weather strip that runs on the leading edge of the door…and I thought we were done removing parts!

I tied a rope to the rafters to help hold the weight of the door as a safety measure, since I would be removing the door by myself. I taped off the vulnerable areas of the door, and bodywork so I wouldn’t scratch or chip any paint, and soaked each hinge with penetrating oil.

After lining up my punch with the hinge pins, I hammered carefully, but forcefully at the hinge. Since the doors had been removed previously for painting, they came out relatively easily. I labeled each pin, so I could put them back in the same place when the doors went back, and set the doors aside.

With the doors out of the way, I can now install the rubber grommets that keep the wiring from chaffing. Squeezing these grommets on is hard enough, let alone having to work with a door in the way.

You can also see how all the wiring is labeled and ready to be plugged in. These wires will be plugged into the plunger switch that turns on the interior lights.

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