Felt Good

2/15/01 Felt Good

I think I found the right window felts for my Ferrari! Mike Holroyd told me on the bulletin board to try Metro Rubber Restoration Parts and Weatherstripping in Minnesota, so I gave them a call. I purchased a catalog, and asked for a sample of their felt. Checking to see if they had any scraps to mail to me, the sales person found some and included it the envelope. Their catalog is extensive, although with very little Ferrari stuff listed. The sample they sent, however looked exactly like the stuff François had. I still need to take it up to his shop to make a direct comparison, but the quality of this stuff is much better, and precisely made. You can see from this sample that the stainless steel edge is manufactured into the whole width of the felt, and the felt material is thicker in height. When installed in the car, these will have the quality I’m looking for. What’s even better news? These are cheaper than Re-Originals!