Making Gaskets

3/31/01 Making Gaskets

Some things on this restoration are better left for outside of the shop, and one of these items is making gaskets. I don’t really have a clean cutting surface to sit at and make gaskets, so I decided to bring some of this work home. After buying some special gasket material that matched the original, I taped the original to the new material and traced the shape out.

Using my self healing cutting surface and a sharp X-acto blade, I made quick work of the cutting. I have a hole maker for gaskets from “Eastwood Company,” but have found it pretty useless for cutting holes in gasket material so thin. By the time the hole punch is driven through the gasket, it usually rips the gasket in the process. Cutting the holes with the X-acto is accurate enough, and with such thin material, no big deal.

François’ done with my transmission. It’s all adjusted and ready to go. Next week, I’ll use this gasket to attach the overdrive unit to the transmission, and everything with the transmission will again be ready to go!