Slow Day

4/13/01 Slow Day.

It was a beautiful day today, and I was interested more in going for a drive than staying inside and working on my Ferrari! I fired up my 911 and popped over to François’ shop to see what was going on. He was pretty busy rebuilding a 330 engine, freshening up a 312 F1 engine,  installing a 250 engine into a PF Cabriolet, and assembling the final touches on a 275GTB long nose! Seeing all this activity made me feel guilty for not working on my car, so I went back to my shop to try and get some work done…No such luck!

On top of wanting to get some work done, I also feel a responsibility to you, the weekly viewer! All the positive response to this site tells me how many people look forward to my weekly adventure in Ferrari restoration, and not having something to report would be a let-down to everyone out there! I puttered around my shop looking for a project to start, but everything I have is either waiting for parts, or stalled because of another project that needs to be completed first. François runs into these situations with the cars he works on, but as you can see, he has plenty of other cars to work on while others are waiting. I have one car, so I’ll have to wait.

The main delay is the fuel lines, and brake lines. The fuel lines should be back soon with the fittings soldered in place, so we can proceed with its installation. The brake lines will be next, then the engine can be installed, then the transmission, etc.

The one thing I did do today was wet-sand the gas cap door. Since I had all the materials out for the glove box door, I tried to sand some of the dust spots in the clear coat left by the previous painter. I’m trying to hand polish the clearcoat, but I know that an electric buffer will do a quicker, and better job, but how am I going to buff these small pieces with an orbital buffer without sending them flying across my shop?

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