Brakes and the Glove Box Door

5/4/01 Brakes and the Glove Box Door

The glove box door that I mounted to a piece of wood buffed out very nicely without flying across the shop! I used some cutting compound on a wool pad mounted on an electric buffer to rid the clear coat of the sanding scratches, and finished it off with some machine glaze. The only problem I now face is the glove box door looks better than the rest of the painted dash!

François assembled all the brake pistons with new seals, so I picked them up from his shop. The front pistons (pictured here) will have to wait until we get a chance to tighten all the front suspension bolts and cotter pin everything in place, because the brakes are the last thing I want to do on the front suspension.

The rear brakes, however, were installed because just about everything else back there is done. With these calipers in place, we can easily measure and make new steel brake lines.

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