Fuel Pickup Tube

5/23/01 Fuel Pickup Tube

About a year ago I talked about my how my fuel pick-up tube was cracked (click here for more), but have not had the chance to buy a new brass tube to replace the old one.

I thought about replacing this tube with a stainless steel piece, but after all the trouble in brazing the brass fittings to the stainless steel fuel lines, I decided against going through the trouble again with the pick up tube. The original one last many years, so a replacement brass piece should do fine.

I stopped by the CBS machine shop to say “hi,” and peeked in their scrap pile. There with all the other pieces of steel and aluminum was the perfect piece of 3/8″ brass tubing to fix my fuel pickup! I made sure no one was going to use it, and happily took it back with me to work. Luck must have been with me today!

Next week, I’ll take the old pickup tube to François’ and have solder the new tube in place. Stay tuned!

Speaking of next week, it’s Memorial Day Weekend in the United States this weekend. I will be taking this weekend off from working on the car, so I apologize to everyone looking for a restoration update, but the good news is I may be able to squeeze an extra day in on the car next week, so look for a posting during the week! Have a great weekend everyone!

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