More on the GTE

More on the GTE

Scot Garvey’s GTE is moving right along. The transmission was cleaned up, and looks much better with all the grease removed. Just look at the “before” picture!

The rear seal has come from Partsource, and will be installed in the next couple of days.

The side vents on this car were chromed. This was not done at the factory, so they will probably be painted back to their original body color. The right vent was also installed upside down, so further investigation was needed. We can see from this picture, the original mounting stud had broken off, and a new one was welded in place, but not in the same place as the old one. Why did this idividual go through this trouble, and not do the job right?

The consequenses of this misplaced stud was the need to drill new holes in the body panel.

What’s even worse, was because this vent was mounted upside down, two misplaced holes were drilled on this side of the car. Why didn’t this individual see the original misplace hole and recognize the orientation of the vent? Instead, he decided to simply drill anther hole to fit the vent!

In order to get to the side vent, the inner splash shields were removed. This gives us the oportunity to look inside the fender, and see if any rust is forming. Car makers from this era didn’t really worry about water traps, so these areas always rusted from the water and dirt that would get caught in these inaccessible places. Scott’s car looks pretty clean.

The valve covers have been refinished, and soon this car will be tuned as best as Francois can, and road tested. This will give us a better idea what kind of shape the engine is in.

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