I Found a Badge!

7/9/01 I Found a Badge!

In the mail today I received a 330 America Badge in excellent condition! I’ve been sweating it ever since I paid the money for this thing last week to arrive safetly, but today, I am very happy!

Fans of this site know that my car was missing the 330 America Badge found on the trunk lid of these cars. It was rumored that not all 330 Americas came from the factory with these badges, but having one would be the only way someone could outwardly tell the difference between a 330 America, and a Series III 250 GTE. I started the process over a year ago to try and fabricate a 330 America Badge because I felt the chances of finding a badge that exisisted on less than the fifty 330 Americas were pretty slim. A fellow 330 America owner in California offered to take pictures, and molds off his original badge, and the rest of those steps can be followed on previous posts…long story short, I still hadn’t gotten a accurate cast nor a successful positive, and decided to put the project on hold until a better/cheaper method could be found.

Fast forward to three weeks ago…A fellow Ferrari owner called me from Washinton D.C. while there on business, and he said, “Tom, I think I found your badge!!! Call Chuck Wray at Grand Touring in Maryland first thing Monday morning!” Paul told me that he stopped by Grand Touring for a visit, and got onto the topic of my 330 America restoration. Chuck knew about my car, and was impressed with my work, and had actually contacted me through my site. When they were talking about my missing trunk badge, Chuck said that one of his customers parted out a 330 America several years ago, and he could see if the badge was still on hand!

I didn’t get in touch with Chuck until Wednesday, all the while feeling this was just a dream. When Chuck and I finally spoke, he told me he was holding the badge in his hand, and it was in great shape. We talked price, and he told me what the owner wanted for the piece, I made my offer, and Chuck said he would get back to me. I knew that it could cost me quite a bit of money to go through the process of manufacturing a badge, but any money I could save at this point of the restoration will be a help. I waited five days for an answer, and the owner of the badge made me a counter offer, and I accepted at $175 bucks!

Today, in the mail, I got my 330 America badge, and another piece of the puzzle has been completed!

Thanks Paul, Chuck, and the former owner of this 330 America badge. My car will wear it proudly!

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