Putting on the Brakes

7/20/01 Putting on the Brakes

As you can see from the picture, I was busy! François came over and helped me install the long brake line that runs from the front of the car to the rear. He also helped me fix some problems I encountered last week, so after he left, I had plenty of work to do!

The banjo fittings that go to and from the brake booster were bent into place, and the bronze “T” fitting was cleaned and mounted in place. The plumbing was run by using other GTEs and the 250 GT owner’s manual for reference.

New lines were installed everywhere, re-using the original fittings.

The long line going to the rear brakes had to be fitted in place, taken out, cut to size, flared, and reinstalled. After François left, I installed the small line clips that hold the brake lines in place. The installation of more clips will continue next week after I get some more aluminum to fabricate the clips. These new clips will tie the brake lines with the fuel lines that run together through the chassis and along the frame rails. 

I haven’t had a chance to go to the CBS machine shop to make up some bracket material, but took this picture of Scott Garvey’s 250GTE to make some notes on the battery tray. The first arrow shows a steel tube welded onto the top frame that a threaded rod bolts to. The second arrow shows a bolt that is welded to the frame that the negative battery cable is bolted to. The third arrow shows a small loop that is also welded to the bottom frame that the threaded rod  is hooked to. I will have to incorporated these points to the battery tray I plan on making for my car.

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