Mold Making the 330 Badge

Mold Making the 330 Badge

Last week I began the steps to copy the 330 America Badge…I know, I know, I already have the badge, so why make another one? First of all, I love a challenge, and second, I’ve come so close to learning how to make badges, this is the perfect opportunity to make one from scratch.

Mike from Seaport Mold said he could make a casting from a positive, but considering the trouble I went through to obtain this badge, I don’t think I want to let it out of my sight! I’m going to make an exact copy of my badge in epoxy resin, and send that to Mike. That way, my badge can stay safe with me, and we can have metal copies made for any of the other 330 America owners that may want one! (That’s a joke, considering how few of us there are!)

I cut a piece of bar stock and drilled mounting holes to hold the original in place. This steel bar will insure the badge is level, and secure during the molding process.

I built the sides and the bottom of the badge holder to protect the studs, and give me a level surface to make a good impression.We measured out the latex mold making material we would need to sufficiently cover the badge before adding the catalyst.

The cast looks pretty good. All the details were retained, so next week we’ll try making the positive.