Gastank Sender Unit

Gas tank Sender Unit

A friend of mine told me a company that might be able to fix the fuel sender unit I mentioned last week. I called them today to get an idea on what they could do. I spoke to a guy named Butch, said that it would be no problem to fix my sender, and they were familiar with these units. They also make new floats so they can replace the old cork floats that tend to get fuel soaked and loose their buoyancy. Since the arm on my sender was broken, I would need to send measurements of my gas tank, so they could fabricate a new arm and attach an arm. As usual, they couldn’t give me an exact cost without seeing my particular unit, he said that they usually run about $95-100 dollars to fix. Here’s some of the information if you want yours fixed.

John Wolf Company
36420 Biltmore Place
Unit 1
Willoughby, OH 44094
(440) 942-0083
Send fuel senders with attention to Mark because he does the Veglia gas tank sending units.

If they do a good job, I’ll post this contact information on my Supplier’s list. Stay tuned!

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