A Sad Day

A Sad Day

For those who have been following this web site, you probably know that I live in NYC, and travel out of town to work on my Ferrari. On September 11th, 2001, I got up early to get a day of work in on the Ferrari. This begins with a short walk to my parking garage located on the east side of Manhattan in the 20s. As I walked to my Toyota, I noticed an inordinate amount of police activity heading south. A “Hi-Rise Unit” among the emergency vehicles made me look towards the sky where a plume of smoke could be seen rising in the distance. As I got to First Avenue, I could just make out the source of the smoke, and fellow New Yorkers were gathered looking at the smoke. Asking a what was on fire, two construction workers told me the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane! I walked another block south, and I could clearly see the smoke coming out of the WTC. I took my digital camera out and took this picture, not realizing the severity of the situation.

Feeling there was nothing I could do, I got in my car and drove north. As I turned on the radio, I listened to the tragic events unfold. Within minutes of driving out of the city, I became aware that I would not be able to return. All of Manhattan was locked down. As I got to François’ house, I ran in to see the pictures of the horrible events I’d been hearing about during the whole drive up. Phone communications was all but dead going into NYC from cell phones to land lines. We watched in disbelief.

Since I was helpless and stranded in CT, I decided there was nothing for me to do but go and work on my car. The irony was how good it felt to have something to do to occupy my time, but how absolutely useless it felt to restore a car in tragic times like these.

I have managed to get back to my home 28 hours after the initial attack, and now am left to wait and receive news about the survivors. My thoughts are with everyone involved. The pain is so deep.

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