Windows and a heater Valve

Windows and the Heater Valve

I took another day off to work on the car, figuring if I canceled my trip to China, I might as well make the most of the vacation days I have left this year!

I used some left over window channel felt for the rear quarter windows. They will work to insulate the swing out window.

It was now time to collect all the associated stainless steel trim pieces that need to be cleaned and buffed for the rear window. They were all pretty dirty, looking like they were stored outside in the mud! After cleaning off the dirt, I sanded the light scratches out with 600 grit, ending up with 1500 before final buffing.

I don’t think this picture shows a big difference, but the time spent on these pieces was well worth the effort.

I also painted the heater valve. I used self etching primer to make a good surface so the black paint would stick. After everything dried, I installed it in line of one of the heater hoses. Where it actually lives, I’ll never tell!

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