Quarter Windows, and Exhaust Contemplation

Quarter Windows, and Exhaust Contemplation

I installed both rear quarter windows today. It all started today with buying #4, 3/8 inch, bevel head, stainless, sheet metal screws. I found a new fastener supplier that I buy hardware in person. I like buying fasteners in person so I can make sure I’m getting the right stuff. Sometimes you just need to see the screws in your hand to know if it will work. I used stainless steel screws so they wouldn’t rust like the original ones. I figure if Ferrari used stainless steel trim pieces, then I can use stainless steel screws to secure them.

Speaking of stainless steel, I spent the better part of the afternoon buffing rest of the trim for the quarter windows. After that step, I used 3M bedding compound to weatherproof the trim pieces to the window opening. There aren’t any pictures of this process because it’s a messy job, so once I started, I didn’t stop to pick up the camera!

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my exhaust. It’s a real obstacle in taking my car out for a maiden run. François says I can move the car with just the headers as long as I don’t rev the engine, but how can I run a Ferrari V-12, and not rev the engine!?!! This restoration has always been done with a budget. Although I’ve already exceeded that original budget, I am always trying to find ways to save some money. I do not have unlimited resources (who does?), so when it comes time to spend big bucks, I have to always consider cheaper options. As far as I know, there are two manufacturers of stainless steel exhausts in the US for Ferrari. One being Timevalve, and the other, Stebro. I’ve heard good things from both manufacturers, but both exhausts price out over $2500 dollars! Installation is extra. I have spent many hours pouring over catalogs pricing mufflers and pipe. I asked many people how much it would cost to fabricate an exhaust. All this work was to help me decide if going with one of these $$$ exhausts would be worth it. My first concern with making one from scratch is the sound. Ferraris have a certain sound, and having my car sound like a hotrod is not what I want. My second concern is what will a fabricated exhaust look like. The resonator tips coming out of the back is a Ferrari signature. Will I be satisfied with anything less? My third concern is with the dissatisfaction with the first two items, will I end up buying a $$$ stainless steel exhaust anyway! I leaning towards the stainless exhaust, but…

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