Exhaust Hangers, and the Trunk Lock

Exhaust Hangers, and the Trunk Lock

I’ve been spending too much time thinking about the exhaust! I took a ride up to the shop today to look under the car and think some more about the damn exhaust. Here’s what I found.

Some of my hangers are still there, although pretty dirty, and painted over. The correct finish on these things is nickel plated ends with natural rubber centers. The right side of the car has all but one of the mount points intact without any rusty parts.

The left side is a different story. Some of the chassis outriggers have been replaced, but the fabricated pieces do not include any of the small brackets for the exhaust hangers! Doh! That means I have another mini project to contend with! I’ll need to fabricate new steel brackets to match the ones on the right side of the car, and get them welded in place.

I also took some measurements of some stock Ansa mufflers, and found them to be less than 3 1/2 inches thick. Flowmaster mufflers (the ones I would probably use if I fabricated my own) are 4 inches thick. That half inch plus adds more to the already low ground clearance of the Ferrari. I added this knowledge to my list of reasons why I should just spring for the $$$ stainless exhaust!

While I was poking around the bottom of the car, I decided to do a little work, and installed the trunk lock. It took me a lot of time trying to get everything to align correctly and latch. I must have loosened and tightened everything a dozen times! It’s still not perfect, but when I get my patience back, I’ll do the final bit of tweaking!

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