Fuel Sender Unit

Fuel Sender Unit

I sent an old Fuel sender unit out for rebuilding a couple weeks ago, and I just got it back in the mail today. I bench tested it at work, and it seems to be working fine.

They used a modern float material to replace the original cork material. Cork has a tendency to absorb fuel over the years, and becomes ineffective in staying buoyant, giving inaccurate fuel level readings. This new material is supposed to be impervious to the alcohol and other additives used in modern gasoline, and should last a long time.

The company brazed two sleeves to connect the stainless steel rod to the original steel rod. I would have preferred they replace the whole rod with a stainless steel one, but I guess they decided to leave well enough alone. What I have now should work fine, and no one will ever see this portion of the fuel sender unit anyway!

The contact information on the company that did the work is:
John Wolf Company
36420 Biltmore Place
Unit 1
Willoughby, OH 44094
(440) 942-0083

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