Ancillary Items

Ancillary Items

It’s amazing how many little things still need to be done before I can fire up my engine! I got a lot done today, but it doesn’t seem any closer to the start up day.

Some of the work I did didn’t warrant any pictures, but it made me feel good to have taken them off the list of “things to do.” I installed the newly rebuilt fuel sender unit on the gas tank, leaving only the fuel pick-up assembly left to install to complete the fuel system. I need to remember to call Partsource to get a fuel pick-up filter that fits my tube. The one I originally got doesn’t fit through the fitting on the gas tank.

I also got the driver’s side window into a better alignment. After installing the trim pieces, and the rear quarter windows, I was not happy with the way the door closed. The window frame was rubbing on the B pillar, so I loosened everything up, and got it into adjustment. I tried to do the same with the right side door, but didn’t have as much luck. I decided to attack the adjustment another day to keep from getting too mad at an inanimate object!

Yes, this is a picture of the battery bracket, and yes, it’s been removed from the car. After taking notes on other battery brackets, François and I forgot completely to weld the ground strap bolt to the bracket! I really didn’t want to take the bracket out because I did such a good job bolting it in and sealing all the holes with silicone, but it’s attention to all the little details that will make this car so nice. The bolt in this picture is waiting to be welded permanently in place where I marked on the battery bracket.

I decided use a relay for my electric fan to keep the current down from the thermal switch that will turn it on. Ferrari normally uses this thermal switch to engage a electromagnetic fan clutch to pull more air through the radiator. As you’ve read before, I added an electric fan to aid in cooling my car, but I decided to keep the electromagnetic fan as well. When the thermal switch turns the fan(s) on, the relay will operate the electric fan, giving me peace of mind from frying my wiring!

I started to gather my splash shields to get them ready to mount on the car. They’re not in bad shape, but I’ll need to power wash off some of the mud and loose undercoating before I really see how they are. The two pieces on the bottom right are trunk floor insert pieces, but it looks like I’m missing one of the front splash shields. There should be one that mirrors the one pictured on the bottom left. I guess I’ll be making one from scratch!

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