All the Little Details

All the Little Details

I made a template of the right splash shield out of card stock. I traced it so I could make a mirror image of it for the missing left side shield. Once I got a shape that fit pretty well in the left wheel well, I traced it to a sheet of aluminum. Here’s a picture of the aluminum waiting for final trimming and fitting.

This is a shot of the inner fender area where the splash shields attach. All the screws on this side of the car are seized, and sheared off, so I’ll need to grind all the studs flat, drill them out, and re-tap the holes for new screws before I can mount the splash shield.

Luckily the right side mounts of the car weren’t stripped so I was able to mount one of the splash shields. I power washed the shield, and re-sprayed the areas of the shield where the undercoating had flaked off. Since the shield is made out of aluminum, I didn’t see a reason to completely remove all the undercoating. I also installed a new vent hose. This hose looks very similar to the original cloth covered hose, but actually goes to a ’54 Corvette, and is probably cheaper than a Ferrari part. I think I paid $15 bucks for this hose. (The flash from the camera reveals a lot of areas with over spray that could use some touch up paint!)

Here’s my newly welded ground lug for the battery bracket. I took the welding slag off, primed, painted, and reinstalled the bracket, hopefully for the last time!

I bought some alternator brackets to try and solve my alignment problems using the Ferrari alternator bracket. I didn’t have the heart to butcher the original bracket to make things fit, so bought Chevrolet lower bracket, and a Mopar bracket kit to see if they would work. I’ll put the Ferrari bracket away for the day I, some some future owner, may want to install an original Bosch unit.

The Chevy bracket worked great. All I had to do was drill one extra hole to make it fit. With some spacers on the alternator, the pulley will go into perfect alignment. Unfortunately the Mopar adjuster bracket will not work for this application. It’s not curved enough to fit the angle of the alternator. I may just have to make this bracket from scratch!

Another part I’m missing is a return tube for the heater pipe. This pipe fits in line of the lower radiator hose, and returns coolant from the heater core. I marked where the small 1/2 inch pipe should go, so next week we’ll weld a short pipe in place.

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