The Story Behind the Forlorned Ferrari

The Story Behind the Forlorned Ferrari

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by a local shop to look for some Ferrari parts, and I showed these pictures of a parted out Ferrari.The engine, transmission, and rear axle had been removed.

The car was in pretty good shape, and I couldn’t understand why something this nice was stripped. Usually, a 2+2 is parted out because the rest of the car is too far rusted or trashed to be economically revived, but this one seemed to be in better shape than cars I’ve seen on the road!

Several days after this posting, I received mail from a fellow viewer, Dave Freer:

I just checked some photos and that maroon GTE is definitely my 3905. I
bought it from our local Ferrari dealer in 1979 and put 20K miles on it
until laid up needing work (wheel bearings and exhaust) in 1986. Problems
with time, money, and health kept it in storage until mid-2000 when I
finally got to work on a cleanup/fixup and minor restoration.

I sold the car to Greg Jones this past April. It was complete and sound,
running well, with all problems sorted, including a new SS exhaust system. I
dare say the innards are in one of Greg’s GTO’s by now. I try not to think
about it.

regards, Dave Freer

Dave and I are both saddened to see what has happened to this car. He has offered any information on this car if someone wants to buy it. Unfortunately, what is done, is done, but if anyone out there finds themselves in a similar situation, PLEASE, PLEASE, let me help you find it a good home to keep this from happening to another old Ferrari! A salvageable 2+2 is a pretty good car, and shouldn’t be stripped to make a replica!!!

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