Pedals, and Exhaust Hangers

Pedals and Exhaust Hangers

I got parts from Partsource this week, and the pedal gaiters were in this shipment. These fit over the brake and clutch pedal arms and keep the road debris out of the driver’s compartment. This panel will eventually be carpeted, so it doesn’t need to look real pretty, but I took the extra time to silicone the gaiters, along with the pop rivets to make sure I had a weather tight seal.

Here they are installed and mounted to the car. Again, all this will be hidden with Wilton Wool carpets, and Connolly leather, so the aluminum panels will be fine as is.

While I had my head stuck under the dash, I took the opportunity to install the speedometer cable. Since I still had the speedometer cable housing, all I needed was to cut the cable that came with this kit to size.

One end of this cable has a square end that fits into the speedometer, and once the cable is fed into the housing, you simply cut the cable to the correct length, and crimp another square shaped end to the cable. Before I fitted the cable, I fed as much grease into the housing by sliding the cable into place. After this step, it was time to cut the cable to length, and crimp on the end. The “tool” they provide is not very helpful, so be very careful when crimping the end. They recommend hammering the end in place, but this tends to make things go flying into unknown areas of the shop! Eventually the end stayed, and I installed the Speedometer cable!

Scott Garvey read that I wasn’t going to replace all the exhaust hangers on my car, he wouldn’t hear of it! He convinced me to do it the right way, and use new parts. Thanks Scott! One of the underlying reasons I didn’t want to replace the old  hangers was I dreaded crawling up under the car to try and break free frozen bolts again!!! Well, with a bag of new hangers from Partsource, I had no better time than the present to start soaking the bolts, and breaking the nuts! This is how many I broke free today. Luckily, the body mounts that these hangers were attached to were all solid, so next week I’ll be removing some more!

If you’re wondering what’s going on with the exhaust, I have yet to see the front y-pipes for my system. Dan a Stebro keeps saying “next week” every time I call, so all I can do is wait. I still have things that need to be done before the exhaust starts holding up the restoration, so I’m going to exercise my patience.

I’m always finding parts that need replacing, and today it’s this switch. There are two of them on the transmission. One is a lockout for the overdrive, and the other is for the reverse lights. This one is missing a cover, but the other one is missing.

I’m looking for help in locating one for my car. Does this switch look familiar to anyone working on other Italian cars? It works my depressing the shaft which completes the circuit. It’s pretty simple, but has been elusive in my search!

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