Exhaust, Heater, and Battery Tray

Exhaust, Heater, and Battery Tray

A friend of mine helped weld the brackets to the correct location on the exhaust today. John first tack welded the bracket with a MIG welder, but did the rest of the welding with his TIG welder. TIG makes a nice weld with great penetration making very strong welds. Thanks John!

I began making steel hanger brackets so I can eventually have those welded to the chassis. When the floors were replaced by the previous owner, some of these brackets were not replaced. I used a hacksaw to get the steel roughly to shape, and will use a grinder and file to get it perfect.

A few weeks ago, I found a piece of pipe that could be used for the heater pipe outlet from the lower radiator hose. It needed a 1/2 inch OD pipe welded to where I marked it, but I found a pipe that was already made up!

Although this pipe had some scale on the inside, it was good enough for me to use the right piece for the heater pipe. François help patch a small hole near the neck of the pipe, and I was ready to go.

I bought a negative ground cable and strap to get ready for a battery. The braided strap was attached to one of the valve cover nuts. Although the battery tray has a good ground from its mounting bolts, this strap insures direct current to the starter for strong starts. 

Exhaust Update
I’m still waiting for the front section of my exhaust from STEBRO. It’s been over a month and I’ve been calling almost every week. They’re pleasant on the phone, but that doesn’t help that I don’t have my exhaust! A month ago, they said that they wanted to confirm the fit of the front header y-pipe with headers Lyle Tanner was sending  them from California, but they have yet to receive the headers. The pipes they have are supposedly partially assembled, but waiting final trimming, and fitting. I’m tired of waiting, and feel that I have the facilities to make whatever they send me fit my car. Besides, I will have the best fit on my system if final fitting is done on the car.

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