Grand Touring

Grand Touring

I was down in Washington DC visiting my sister, when I decided to stop by a restoration shop in Laurel, MD. The shop was Grand Touring, and one of their specialties is Ferraris. Chuck Wray, the owner, and I have talked a number of times about Ferraris and my restoration, and his invitation was standing for me to tour his shop.

In the back of a industrial complex hides all sorts of cool Ferrari stuff. As you can see parked out front that day, there was a 330GT 2+2 (sorry, didn’t get the #s!), an E-type roadster, a Testarossa needing a rear bumper, a 308GT4, and a 400. Inside there were more cars in various states of restoration from another 330GT 2+2, a 275GTB long-nose, a 410 Superamerica, and a Lusso. Chuck was kind of rushed, as can be expected with a successful shop, so I was more interested in looking for parts for my restoration, then taking photographs!

Chuck has the remains of a 330 America #5033 of which I’ve ended up with many parts. (See the story behind this car here.) In a corner of his garage, he had a pile of Vintage Ferrari parts (sorry, no body panels) that I was sure was from  #5033. I managed to get the clutch and brake pedals, and the overdrive warning light fixture from the dash. I should have looked to see if the PF number on the dashboard was “674,” to confirm my theory, but maybe next time. You can bet I’ll be fitting these newly found parts on my car the first chance I get!

If you’re in the Baltimore/Washington area, and need work on a Ferrari give Chuck a call! He’s at (301) 470-6464, and tell him I said Hi!

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