Things Going My Way

Things Going My Way

After the disappointment of last week where I still haven’t got my exhaust finished, I got some good news today. I stopped by Jerry Curtis’ shop looking for some electrical switches and I started telling him about my exhaust problems. He showed me an exhaust system that fit a 330 engine, and the front y-pipes looked like they would fit my car. He offered to lend them to me to try on for size. When I got them back to my car, I found them very close to lining up with the Stebro exhaust!

François looked at the alignment and suggested I have the rough shape of the y-pipe made up, but have them leave a little extra pipe at the flange end, and we’ll weld the flanges on when the fit is perfect. I’ll be in contact with Stebro to see how the next step goes. It’s getting dangerously close to Christmas, so I wonder if I’ll get them back before the new year!

The switch I picked up from Jerry was a reverse light switch that I was missing. Unfortunately, like my other switch, it was missing the round cover to keep the water and dirt out. François suggested I make the caps out of sheet aluminum. I first took a ball peen hammer and made a concave disc, then I filed the disc to fit the opening. I gave the edge of the aluminum a slight bevel so it would snap into the the switch opening. After everything was fitted tightly in place, I sealed the disc with some RTV.

I also began installing the parts I got from Grand Touring, which included this overdrive warning light. The plastic lens was a little scratched, so I took some super fine sand paper, sanded and buffed the light before installing in place.

Here’s the light in it’s new home ready to tell me when the overdrive is engaged.

Although these pedals could have easily been fabricated, finding a set from Grand Touring saved me the time in making them. All I had to do was strip the paint off, prime, and paint.

Now all I have to do is order a set of rubber pads to cover these three pedals, and another step will be made towards finishing this darn car!

On a side note, I want to thank Jon and Keith for their offers to lend me their y-pipes. It’s great knowing I have resources all over the world to count on!

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